The Passerelle suite provides the tools you need to unlock the full potential of your operators.

We build some ready-to-use wearable applications with Passerelle. They are dedicated apps for specific use cases. They can be used separately or linked to each other.

Moreover the platform provides services and connectors to build your customized applications, allowing also smooth collaboration and integration within your existing IT landscape.

All apps built on Passerelle are called ‘squares’.
Our Passerelle platform figuratively and literally connects all these squares into a smart environment where your technical workforce are not hindered by a lack of information in the execution of their work.

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Passerelle GUIDE

Unlock available procedures
Step-by-step guidance on wearables 

Reduce errors during step-by-step execution of standard procedures.

When procedures for provisioning, maintenance, inspections, operations, manufacturing, … are getting rather complex, asking full concentration and advanced knowledge of the operator, how nice is it to have a tool to assist and make the work less error-prone ?


With our solution you can create your personalized guidance and control app, also available on wearables (smartphone, tablet, smart glasses, …)

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Passerelle COACH

Add a next level to your support with enhanced reality 

Real time video calling between on-site technician and off-site support expert

Passerelle Coach allows your on-site technician to get directly in touch with the right off-site supporting expert.
Through the wearables used by the technician (smart glasses, tablet, gsm, …)  the remote expert can give all necessary assistance to solve the problem.

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Passerelle TEACH

Unlock intrinsic workforce potential
Training in virtual environment

VR Training or serious gaming augments the efficiency of your training facilities.

Complex information can be offered to the trainee in a visual explanation and makes the training experience easier to understand and recall.

Recorded real life remote assistance scenario’s can be used as course material or for certification tests .

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